Causes of 1857 revolt – First War of Independence

By | September 11, 2017

1857 Revolt

The rebellion of 1857 is also called the Indian Sepoy mutiny.  The 1857 revolt Was the major Indian rebellion for getting freedom from the British Empire but unfortunately the freedom movement of 1857 was unsuccessful.The revolt of 1857 is an important landmarks in the history of India. 1857 revolt occurred during the governor generalship of Lord Canning.

there were many reasons which  provoked 1857 revolt. some causes are given which led to 1857 revolt

Grievances of Rulers

the expansionist  and  annexationist policy of the British Empire led to the 1857 revolt.

  • the main cause of the  grievances of rulers was Lord Dalhousie’s annexation of state through  doctrine of lapse policy.
  • the second cause  of resentment of rulers  was abolition of titles  and suspension of pensions

Grievances of Sepoys

there are many reasons between two  sepoys some of them are give

  • There were  discrimination in payment and promotion between Indian and British Soldier.
  • ill treatment Indian sepoys by the British official
  • no Foreign Services allowances while fighting in remote region like Punjab and Sindh.

due to all these reason Lead disaffection among the sepoys which manifested itself in the form of Mutiny before 1857. 

Grievances of orthodox and conservative people

  • Both  Hindu and Muslims in India were worried about the Christian Missionary activities and the encouragement of Christian activities from the British government
  • humanitarian measures introduced by the government like abolition of Sati in 1829, legalisation of widow marriage in 1856, protection of the Civil rights of converts from Hinduism( by the act of religious disabilities 1856).

 grievances of craftsman and Zamindar

  • Destruction of village industries and handicrafts due to the one way trade policy of British Empire. this leads the drain of wealth from India
  • loss of farmers land to the money lenders due to the land and land revenue policies of the British.

 Military causes of 1857 revolt

  • the equal treatment of Indian and British soldiers  and jolts Given to the British and strength by certain events like Afghan war Anglo Sikh war and Santhal Uprising
  • the disproportionate ratio of the boys to the Europeans in the British Indian Army. these  were the military causes which lead to the 1857 revolt for the Independence.

 Few immediate causes

  • Introduction of the Enfield Rifle with greased cartridge with the fat of cow and pig and had to be bitten Before loading into the rifle this  Caused  dissatisfaction among the sepoys and led  the  disobeyal  of orders by the sepoys of the 19th native infantry Berhampur on 26 February 1857.
  • It also led to the mutiny of the 34th native infantry stationed at the Barrackpore on 29 march 1857. Mangal Pandey opened fire on Lt. Baugh.


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