All about Olympic medal : materials they made of Physical parameter

By | July 27, 2017

Olympic medals and History

Olympic is the International tournament of games.It is 16 days long sporting event. Its origin dates back to 8 century in Greece, although revival of Olympics took place in 19th century. For the revival of Olympics honour goes to Pierre de Coubertin. He founded the International Olympic Committee to revive the ancient Olympic games. First modern Olympic games where organised in Athens Greece In 1896.

In Modern Olympic Games many participants participate from various countries almost all around the world. Olympic is the largest tournament of games. there are two types of Olympics Summer Olympics and winter Olympics. There are many Sporting events take part.

olympic medals

In this post we are going to get knowledge about the Olympic medals. In Olympics Successful sports person or athlete gets Olympic medal. Top 3 participants get Olympic medal. These metals are

Gold medal

Silver medal

Bronze medal

The custom of awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals started at the 1904 Olympics.

There is another Olympic medal which IOC presents it is Pierre de Coubertin medal or fourth Olympic medal.

These Olympic medals do not have a specific design. Each Olympics has its own unique designed medals. Design of medals have considerably changed from the first Olympic. There is no fix designer or sculptor for the designing of Olympic medals. Each Olympic has different sculptor for designing the medals. There are certain physical characteristic of Olympic medals which are constant throughout the Olympic history.

Physical characteristics of Olympic medals

Shape: Usually circular, featuring an attachment for a chain or ribbon

Diameter: A minimum of 60 mm

Thickness: A minimum of 3 mm

Now we are going to see about materials of the Olympic medals

Materials of Olympic medals

Gold medal

Each Olympic gold medal contains 92.5% silver and plated with 6 gm of gold.

Silver medal

Silver Olympic medal is totally made up of silver only.

Bronze medal

Bronze medal is made up of bronze. It is alloy of Copper and Tin the material value is far less than gold and silver.

It’s all about size, physical characteristics and materials by which Olympic medals are made of.


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